Do you hold big fancy dreams for your life and business?

Yet, if enough of the right people aren’t finding you, your dreams will remain out of reach – no matter how talented or passionate you are.

Whatever goals and ambitions you have for your business, by using Twitter strategically, you can attract more opportunities than you ever imagined.

You might think I’m crazy. Crazy for thinking that it’s possible using a free website to share 140 character messages and is FULL of self obsessed celebs.

Listen up: I’M NOT CRAZY!

Alicia Cowan Social Media Marketer RoundTwitter was THE factor that made my first business a success. I used Twitter to start and grow a profitable business from scratch with a marketing budget of zero. I leveraged Twitter to find new clients, business leads and raise my profile – and the results were instant.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs use Twitter to grow their business, and achieve things they could only previously dream of, including

  • A $22,000 business contract within 6 weeks of implementing my training
  • From self published blogger to published author with an International book deal
  • A steady stream of perfect clients and waking up to more money in the bank
  • National and International press and radio coverage

And there are even more inspiring success stories inside Twitter Brilliance – my unique online Twitter marketing school and community.

Similar success is within your grasp too!


By having a plan and using Twitter strategically you can…
  • Stop wasting hours online having conversations that are fun but don’t lead anywhere
  • Drive masses of people to your website without paying for expensive ads but get you better results (for free)
  • Kill your doubt about whether your efforts will pay off and confidently build business connections
  • Grab the attention of influencers and prospects worldwide who happily tell friends how great you are, buy your stuff and skyrocket your sales…

If you are tired of wasting time and playing small, you can save yourself HOURS of wasted time, confusion and fear of ‘doing it wrong’ right now. With Twitter Brilliance and a few short weeks you’ll understand how to leverage Twitter using an approach that fits best with your business values and unique talents.

And, if that’s got you feeling excited, a little nervous and dreaming of future possibilities – awesome! Click the green button below and reach for the life and business success you dream of.


What is the Twitter Brilliance programme?

Twitter Brilliance – the Twitter marketing school and communityTwitter Brilliance is a guided digital training course comprising of 3 core modules.

It focuses on empowering you to leverage Twitter strategically for your marketing so that you can achieve results quickly. Enabling you to reach the business success you crave in an honest, authentic and practical way that is aligned with your values.

The training is released in short, easy-to-digest videos, accompanied by downloadable worksheets, checklists, and swipe files via a private website. Everything you need for easy, accessible learning and taking positive action!

Plus, it contains carefully selected bonus materials, additional expert tips, inspiration and advice on etiquette and additional tools to increase your confidence and enhance your learning experience. Everything you need to be brilliant on Twitter!

You can even access the materials on the move via your mobile device.

Read on to learn more about the Twitter Brilliance Curriculum…
Module 1: Foundation
  • The one thing you need to change before you even start
  • The bigger picture: understand Twitter’s function in your overall marketing plan
  • Your personal strategy outline – how to be crystal clear about why you are using Twitter
  • How to avoid the ‘No one is following me!’ trap
  • What type of Tweeter are you? Know your Twitter personality and why that’s important
  • The final answer on how much time you need to spend on Twitter each week and how to use that time to bring you instant results for your efforts
Module 2: Preparation
  • The Twitter Toolkit: my personal choice of free and low cost tools that save me hours every week (and what they do)
  • Advanced marketing strategies to woo prospects and potential customers
  • Exactly where to find the people you need to be connecting with
  • The simple ‘set once and go’ way to find conversations you need to be listening to
  • The lowdown on Lists: how to streamline and segment your Twitter marketing
  • The truth about automating: when, why, how and what you should be doing (and what you shouldn’t)
Module 3: Creation
  • The different types of tweets: how using them incorrectly can drain your follower count and reduce your reach
  • What to tweet – the final answer on what and how often
  • How to sell without being sleazy
  • You’ve made the connection, now what? Getting the most from your Twitter relationships
  • The ultimate guide to finding cool content that will attract followers like a magnet
  • Creative ways to boost your followers
Bonus: Tech Mastery Area

Unique to this programme, this separate area within the private members website caters for both new and advanced Twitter users. Cherry pick the information inside the Tech Mastery bonus section according to your needs.

So, whatever level you’re at, you can focus on strategies in the core modules without letting the tech stuff holding you back.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The essential areas of the Twitter dashboard and how to use them
  • How to set your profile to make a lasting impression
  • Comprehensive video How-Tos on my favourite Twitter marketing tools

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the training delivered?
The training is in video format with downloadable worksheets, templates, swipe files and presentation slides, and audio versions of the training. All accessed via a private members area.

Play, forward rewind and pause as many times as you like. Many of the students use a ‘play, pause and implement’ technique performing the actions as they go through the material.

You can even watch on the go via your smartphone or tablet, plus the audio recordings and worksheets are available for download to your desktop.

I’m completely new to Twitter. Is Twitter Brilliance suitable for me?
Absolutely. The material is structured in a way that is suitable for every level of user.

The modules focus mainly on tactics and planning your Twitter marketing for the long term. The Tech Mastery section contains all the training you need to navigate your way around Twitter and setting up your account so it’s smoking hot.

I hate technology – will I be able to keep up?
Don’t worry. I explain everything in a way that’s clear and easy to understand, plus all the information you need to get over your Twitter fear is in the programme. My approach is honest, practical and explained in simple terms. No jargon or fluffy theories.

I’ve been using Twitter for ages – will I learn anything new?
This course is perfect for you whatever level Twitter user you are. If you are spending hours on Twitter and not seeing results for your time then you’ll love Twitter Brilliance. You can dive into the modules, apply my methods to your business and start seeing results straight away.

(I go through the materials myself regularly to give my strategy a refresh).

Will Twitter Brilliance work for my product based business?
Of course. As long as your business relies on communicating with other people then Twitter and what I teach inside the Twitter Brilliance course will work for you.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the training?
Each module is divided in short videos each less than 20 mins long. The modules themselves contain up to an hour of teaching plus worksheets. Allow 2-3 hours to complete each module to get the full benefit. As it’s a self paced programme you can take the training at a pace that’s right for you.

I can’t do it right now – how long is the material available?
Once you purchase you have 24/7 lifetime access to all of the materials at no additional cost to you. Go through the material at a time convenient to you as many times as you need! You won’t miss out or fall behind!

Remember, this isn’t some dusty out-of-date stuff from a book. The information inside Twitter Brilliance is regularly updated and it’s yours to use as often as you need.

How much does Twitter Brilliance cost?
Please take a look at the Join Now page to find the one that suits you.

Do you offer refunds?
I’m so convinced by the value of Twitter Brilliance and the results students have achieved that I know it works! But If you apply what I teach and don’t see results I’ll offer you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

I have another question that’s not answered here…
no problem! Just drop me an email for a straight up answer.


Praise and Fabulous Results
Within 6 weeks of taking Twitter Brilliance I got £12,000 ($22,000) worth of business

“Within 6 weeks of taking Twitter Brilliance I got £12,000 worth of business (with a potential £4,000 more) just by using your teachings. My followers tripled (with real people not fake accounts) and I’m actually engaging in meaningful conversations.In the beginning my wife questioned why I was signing up for a Twitter training course, but now I can prove it was worth it!”

Ashish Rishi, Cetas Kinetic Training
A 33.5% increase in followers and a notable increase in sales

“Alicia’s Twitter Brilliance course taught me how to use Twitter strategically and more effectively, not just for my own business, but for my clients too. One new client – who bought from me online through Twitter, without us even speaking – had been using Twitter since 2009. She was disappointed with how it was going, but after just 4 weeks of me applying Alicia’s Twitter Brilliance she has seen a 33.5% increase in followers and a notable increase in sales, whilst changing nothing else in her business. Twitter Brilliance works.”

Alyson Reay, Just Leave It With Me
I benefited from the very first module

“I was confident using Twitter before but now I’m super confident! The course has a great mixture of formats – resources, videos, Facebook group, live Q&As – I loved the variety and being engaged in different ways plus the opportunity to network.

I’ve learnt lots of things I didn’t know about how to use Twitter properly and it’s been clear there’s a lot of misinformation around. I benefited from the very first module. Thank you for all your hard work, Alicia. Brilliant =)”

Sally Mayor, WordNerd Coprywriting
I’ve lost my Twitter fear

“Your TwitterBrilliance programme has been nothing short of sensational!

I benefited right from the start. I’ve learned so much, made great connections, lost my Twitter fear and it’s barely been three weeks!

The format is easy to follow – bite size pieces in a simple step-by-step programme with very practical information. I love that it’s open for me beyond the duration of the course. I’ve been able to fit the videos in and around other commitments…genius.”

Rebecca Perkins, Midlife Coach & Blogger
Incredibly useful and so collaborative and friendly

“A big thank you for the excellent Twitter Brilliance course. Before the course I’d dabbled with Twitter and I wanted to understand how I could use it properly to help my business and build confidence to interact with others more.

Twitter Brilliance is incredibly useful and so collaborative and friendly. I’ve learnt so much on the course and also met some nice people. You really gave me the confidence to embrace Twitter and more importantly to interact with others. I have made some good connections.”

Lesley-Anne Birley, La Concordia Travel Planning
Easy to understand, not onerous and I learnt loads

“Having never done an online course before I was concerned whether I would complete it but the quick, easy bite sized chunks were easy to get through. I could have learnt this by trawling the web but the course has saved me a lot of time and covered the subject thoroughly in a short time period.

It was easy to understand, not onerous and I learnt loads – I would definitely recommend it. It was great training Alicia – thank you!”

Val Tobiass, Tobiass Training
It’s worth investing the time to find out about all the great tips hints and tools

“I had been using Twitter for a few months having heard about great business results but I wasn’t sure how to make my efforts pay off in business terms. I was concerned about the potential time suck from just firing off tweets randomly. I wondered whether it would be something that I could benefit from and that would help me in my business.

I have learnt so much and am now more confident in my approach to Twitter. Fabulous and comprehensive – it’s worth investing the time to find out about all the great tips hints and tools. Definitely recommend it.”

Val Mattinson, Benessamy Events

You’ve reached the bottom of this page – thanks for taking the time to read it. There’s only one thing left to do..!